Sexual Story: Too hot to handle

16 Feb 2023

Sexual Story: Too hot to handle

“Keep calm.” His voice is confident and controlled.

I take a deep breath as he grabs my wrists and binds them tightly together.

"I'm not going to do anything you don't like."

My eyes wander over his face, looking for eye contact. He's not looking. He's way too busy getting my body into position and tying my wrists to the bed. His bare chest rises and falls sharply under his breath. The way he works with such dexterity makes me calm down.

Finally I have a bite, he smiles at me. Such a crooked and immensely mischievous smile. Miniscule, but its operation is anything but that. It shoots down through my body – over there. I swallow hard as he shakes the ropes around my wrist to make sure he's fastened them properly.

“Are you nervous?” he asks. 'Oh no?'

His green eyes glare at me and he takes a wait-and-see attitude.

"No," I whisper. 'I'm excited.'

The wait-and-see attitude disappears and his face seems to change instantly. He stands next to the bed and looks at my half-naked body. All I'm wearing is my bra and a small piece of fabric that passes for a thong. Candles burn around the bed. He creeps slowly towards me, confident, sexy and with fiery eyes. He brings his lips to my ear.

"Good thing, because I'm going to drive you crazy." he whispers.

He presses his lips against mine and I feel his tongue briefly dance against my skin. I close my eyes longingly as he descends. Through my neck to my bra, where he releases my breasts and gently tugs at my nipple with his teeth. A moan escapes my lips. I open my eyes in shock and he looks up proudly.

“This is really nothing yet,” he says triumphantly.

His hand takes one of the burning candles and I watch with wide eyes as he holds the candle above my body. I look anxiously at the first drop I see dangling and I hold my breath.
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"Don't worry, they are special wax candles. It won't hurt. At least, not more than you can handle.' he says with a mischievous grin on his mouth.

He tilts the candle and almost in slow motion a drop seems to break free. The thick drop falls on my skin, just above my chest. It burns, but not too much and yet the heat feels overwhelming. Another drop, at the top of my chest. I groan at every drop of wax that touches my body. The purple blobs instantly harden under the touch.

Slowly he continues down. Every drop is intense and hot, but in the most exciting way. My body is on fire and my heart is racing. He pauses and closes his teeth again on one of my nipples.

"Shit." I gasp softly to indicate that he's already built up the tension.

My encouragement to him is just feeding him for more. Short and firm he sucks on my nipple and my body starts to squirm. Then he sits up again and takes the candle again. Drops of hot wax fall on my stomach, further and further down. My nipples remain sensitive.

“Shall I?” he asks mischievously, holding the candle above my most sensitive spot.

I hold my breath, staring at his face with tense eyes.

"No, I don't think that's such a good idea," he says laughing.

He drops a drop on my hill. I shiver at the touch. My whole body tingles and when he drops his next drops of hot wax down the insides of my thighs, I don't know where to look.

Jesus baby. You make everything so sensitive.” I moan.

I try my hardest to control my body, but inside I'm squirming.

'What do you want? Do you want me to touch you?” he asks with a stern undertone in his voice.

I nod excitedly. I'm not begging just yet. The hot tingling from the candle has given way to immense horniness. He drops one last drop into my groin. I moan loudly and pull with my hands on the ropes that are still restraining me.

"So you like it?" he asks.

He stands next to the bed again and slowly unties the strings of his sweatpants. Through the fabric I can see the imprint of his boner. I have to do my best not to look too long. He is so tasty…

Naked he hovers over me again. His hand slides into my shorts while he looks at me intently. I moan in excitement and bite my lower lip briefly. He grunts, grabs that same lower lip between his teeth and sucks on it. His fingers slip through my wetness and I'm so excited they're almost sucked in.

Those candles, oh man… those candles are indeed special!