Sexual story: Tension in the attic

16 Feb 2023

Sexual story: Tension in the attic

It was a gang. Really unwatchable. The floor was littered with grit, dust, remnants of wallpaper, laths and pieces of drywall. I looked up and surveyed the attic. Was this ever going to be anything?

Of course I also knew that the attic had to be renovated. It really needed another bedroom. When our third was born, a baby room could still be realized. But now she was a bit older and ready for more space.

Our attic had always been quite spacious and had only been used to dump stuff until now. Simply, out of sight and therefore “tidied up”. But that was not a sustainable strategy. And now the moment had come.

We had been endlessly busy cleaning up, throwing away and making space. We had forged plans and made drawings until the renovation could really start. And since everything was expensive enough already, we would do the "demolition work" ourselves. My God. We had misjudged this project. It had been weeks, all together. We lived on crap meals, there was minimal time for the children and no time at all for each other. In the evenings we were always exhausted and I couldn't even remember when we last did it.

Well, we were not at the forefront in terms of frequency with 3 children, but now it had become really little. There was just no time and no energy. Fortunately we were able to do this. We always just stay together. Even in times like this. They always pass and then there will be more time and attention for each other.

While musing I looked around the attic again and smiling my gaze got stuck on you. In wide denim dungarees with a nondescript, tight long-sleeve underneath. Your hair up in a quick, messy bun.

There you were. Get on your hands and knees with your back to me. Playing with the bottom remnants of wallpaper that had to come off. You were absorbed in your job and didn't notice how I was looking at you. How happy I was with you and how well I knew what a wonderful body was under that 80s outfit.

The kids were messing around downstairs. Maybe in the garden. At least they hadn't come to the attic for a while. "Fuck it." I thought and slowly walked towards you.

By now you had noticed that I was no longer working. You straightened up and turned on your knees so you could see why I stopped doing anything. It was immediately clear. I had already taken off my gloves and threw them on the floor and as I walked over to you I unbuttoned my pants, pulled them down together with my boxers in one movement and pulled out my rock hard erection.

You smiled a mischievous laugh and seemed to let out a sigh. Without a word you took off your own gloves, turned a little further towards me and grabbed my cock. You looked up at me for a moment, but soon you let my head slip between your lips.

Fuck! What happened here. In less than 1 minute we had gone from scratching wallpaper to pipes, without exchanging a word. How incredibly horny. Normally you really need some time to get in the mood, but now it went by itself. And whether it was my confident action or just the fact that it was so long ago, it didn't matter. This just had to be done now and we both thought so.

There was also no time for probing, for quiet teasing. At any moment a kid could storm up with some trivial thing that would disrupt this session and that made it extra intense, extra horny and extra exciting.

The passion and lust flared up in no time. You licked, sucked and kissed like nothing else existed. Again and again you took me deep in your mouth and then gently jerked me off while licking my head.

I pushed some stray strands out of your face and grabbed your bun to get a better look at what you were doing with my cock. It's so horny to see you give a blowjob. You can do it so incredibly well and it's so hot to see how it turns you on too.

You moaned and sighed and started a kind of sprint. Full of surrender you took me deeper than ever in your mouth. You sucked hard, faster and faster. Your hand wrapped around my shaft in perfect harmony. I gripped your hair tighter and moved with it. I fucked you. You blew me. It was impossible. It was too long ago and at the same time too delicious. Shocking and rippling I came inside you. You swallowed everything. Perhaps from a practical point of view, but it completed this horny intermezzo completely.

You sucked and licked until I was finished and only then did you really let my cock slide out of your mouth. You smiled, wiped your mouth on your sleeve and said, “What a great idea this was from you honey. Delicious."

"Really huh." I laughed back, but my smile quickly changed to a slightly panicked expression as I heard footsteps rumbling up the stairs.

"Cunt!" I hissed and straightened my clothes like crazy.

We both put our gloves back on and were right back on